Combine with a spring Aeration progam to strengthen and enhance your lawn !


overseeding Overseeding is the practice of adding new grass seed into your lawn. It is a very important step that helps keep your lawn thicker by filling in the thin areas and it discourages weeds from infesting the lawn.

Overseeding  is most effective when it is done in the Spring or in the Fall. Typically, the weather is not too hot, precipitation is prevalent and the conditions are ideal for establishing turf.

The concept of over seeding is to help increase turf density. Many people have thin lawns or areas that are shaded that need to be repaired because of insect, grub damage, winter kill or disease damage. By over seeding annually your lawn will continue to be thick, thus will choke out annual grasses such as crab grass and some broad leaf weeds, reducing the need for pesticides.