Organic All Natural Topdressing

 Rejuvenate Your Tired Lawn !

Our Organic All Natural Topdressing  produces fantastic results.
• Our Compost is 100% Weed Free
• Excellent for conditions that are exposed to heat and drought stress
•Our All Natural Organic Topdressing helps sandy soil retain its moisture
• Ideal for poor soils lacking in essential micro-nutrients and organic matter
• Supports over-seeding by ensuring good seed/soil contact, retaining moisture and encouraging strong root development
Organic All Natural Topdressing has a very high nutrient content. Unlike most peat moss, or topsoil, which have few nutrients, our composts are abundant with essential plant nutrients. This makes it ideal for use as a topdressing.

It is produced using a composting process, which assures that there are no harmful pathogens like ecoli or salmonella and no weed seeds that you often get in other topdressing materials.

Organic All Natural Topdressing is perfect for promoting a wide range of beneficial microbes that compete against disease organisms.

These beneficial microbes eat up thatch, and convert dead plant material into nutrients for your lawn.

Organic All Natural Topdressing's nutrients are released very slowly in a steady, temperature dependent fashion. During the cooler temperatures in the spring and fall the nutrients will be released slower.

Use our Organic All Natural Topdressing as an additional service to our lawn care programs for best results, as a healthy lawn requires balanced feeding throughout the year and annual core aeration.