Our full season lawn care programs feature innovative, ecology friendly products & practices to create and maintain a lush, healthy green lawn.  Regular fertility is the key to a dense turf. We visit your property on a regular basis, every 5-7 weeks, to feed your lawn a seasonally blended amount of organic-based food or fertilizer to maintain growth & keep a consistent green colour all summer.  Annual core aeration is recommended either in the spring or fall each year.  Aeration keeps soils 'loose' and allows turf roots to breathe, access soil moisture and gather in nutrients. 

Lawns that receive a core aeration and regular feeding program have surprisingly few weeds. Where broadleaf weeds are a problem, we selectively spot-treat those areas to safely & effectively brings weed problems back under control.  Some weeds are tougher to control than others. That's why we include weed control at each fertilization visit for FREE!  You never pay for broadleaf weed control when you sign up on a Terra-Green seasonal lawn care program.  By spot-treating only the problem areas at each visit, we drastically reduce the amount of weed control used in a season, keeping up our end of environmentally responsible lawn care.

Classic Fertilizer
Weed Control


Spring Green-Up Visit  (End of April to end of May) : The first application of the year is rich in Nitrogen & Potassium to give your lawn an early start to the growing season. An early spring green-up means deeper roots and a head start on invading weeds.
Early Summer Visit ( June) : The second application is a balanced blend of nutrients to maintain health & vigour. Fertilizing in small amounts, every 5-7 weeks, creates a thick, lush lawn that can defend itself against weeds & insects.
Mid-Summer Visit (July) : The mid-summer visit consists of more nutrients at a reduced rate. Rapid top growth is not recommended during the heat of summer. Rather, nutrients are directed towards food storage in the root system to conserve energy through hot, dry periods.

Late Summer Visit (August) : The fourth visit begins to prepare your lawn for fall and the coming winter. Nutrient levels start to increase once again. Stressed, dormant lawns from summer's heat respond well to this application.

Fall Winterizer Visit (September) :   The final feeding of the year prepares your lawn for winter. Lawns that get a late season application of nutrients are the first to green-up early next spring. Root growth is peaking - aeration is strongly recommended.

Price per visit begin at $52.00
We have Multiple programs available Gold (5 visits) Silver (4 visits) and Bronze (3 Visits) 
**also Select service of two or one Application (no guarantee on weed elimination with less than 3 applications) **